Resurgence of the Old Regimes: Unravelling the Sinister Intentions behind the Unusual Assembly in Las Anod

The city of Las Anod is set to host a medley of former politicians and officials, with roots tracing back to the era of the Somali dictatorship. This gathering, however, is more than a reunion of old comrades. At its core, it carries the potential to stir up the political landscape of Somaliland once again.

Among the notable figures is Gen. Ahmed Saleban Dafle, a key player in the coup d’état of October 21, 1969, that propelled Dictator Siyad Barre to power in Somalia. Dafle’s past is marred by his role as the commander of the intelligence spies under the Barre regime, responsible for a multitude of atrocities in Somaliland and southern Somalia, particularly in Hargeisa.


The Confluence Of Old Regimes In Las Anod And The Impending Threat To SomalilandOther attendees include General Morgan and Gen. Abdirashid Qodhob, both instrumental in the Goojacade war against Somaliland on August 25, 2023. The trio shares a familial bond with the late dictator, each having married one of his daughters.

The convergence of these figures in Las Anod serves a more sinister purpose. Information suggests that they will be joined by remnants of Siyad Barre’s regime, including Farmajo, a member of the former dictator’s family. Joining them are other politicians from the Farmajo regime, part of the group known as Nabar and Naxdin, including Fahad Yasin, the former spy chief in Farmajo’s government, and Farah Macalin, a member of the G21 Group.

The Confluence Of Old Regimes In Las Anod And The Impending Threat To SomalilandThis assembly in Las Anod is not merely a show of force. It is an indirect signal to the people of Somaliland, a display of support for those working against Somaliland’s interests. Their intention is to send a clear message to Somaliland and the Hawiye clan – they are back with vengeance. With the backing of Al-Shabaab terrorists and armed rebels, they seek to reclaim Las Anod and exact revenge on the Hawiye Clan and Somaliland.

Compounding these threats is a Somali military force, trained by Eritrea. This force planned four years prior by the former Somali president and the leader of the G21 Group, Farmajo, is primed for battle in Las Anod against the Somaliland military.

The gathering in Las Anod signifies a resurgence of old powers, an attempt to rewrite history. But Somaliland, having weathered the storm before, stands vigilant, ready to protect its sovereignty and the safety of its people.

Sakariye Nuur SaajinSakariye Nuur Saajin contributed to this report

This article was originally published on Som Elite on September 18, 2023.

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