Hargeisa, Somaliland, June 6, 2017 (Saxafi) – President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Sillanyo shuffled his cabinet Monday, replacing three Ministers, two governors, and one Director General.

Seven State Ministers were shuffled to other Ministries. Three new officials were also appointed to serve as the regional level.

President Sillanyo also appointed a new representative to Kuwait and Oman as well as a new Presidential advisor for Sports.



  1. Mustafa Farah Abrar – Minister of Posts and Communications
  2. Hassan Hussein Nur Geele -Deputy Minister of Health
  3. Abdullahi Aw Adan Rabi – Minister of State for Environment and Rural Development
  4. Ahmed Ali Baynah – Minister of State for Aviation
  5. Ahmed Adan Ismail Keyse – Deputy Minister of National Planning and Development (Previously, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs)
  6. Kaysar Abdullahi Mohamed – Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs (Previously, Deputy Minister of National Planning and Development)
  7. Ahmed Hashi Abdi – Deputy Minister of Finance (Previously, Deputy Minister of Presidential Affairs)
  8. Ali Ahmed Mohamed – Deputy Minister of Presidential Affairs (Previously, Deputy Minister of Financ)
  9. Abdirahman Ahmed Ismail – Deputy Minister of Defence (Previously, Deputy Minister of Minerals and Energy)
  10. Yusuf Osman Garas – Deputy Minister of Minerals and Energy (Previously, Deputy Minister of Industry)
  11. Abdisalan Mohamed Hasan – Minister of State for Industry (Previously, Deputy Minister of Environment and Rural Development)


  1. Jamal Abdillahi Mohamed – Ministry of Defense
  2. Abdikarim Hussein Said -Ministry of Research, Technology and Parliamentary Affairs


  1. Hussein Mohamed Jama – Deputy Attorney General
  2. Dayib Haji Adan Ali – Member, Good Governance and Anti-Corruption Commission


  1. Omar Abdi Jireh – Presidential Advisor for Sports


  1. Salan Hassan Abdullah Warsame – Somaliland’s representative to Oman and Kuwait


  1. Ahmed Diriye Abdullahi – Governor of Dadmadeedh Region (Previously, Deputy Governor of Awdal Region)
  2. Abdi Nur Sugal – Deputy Governor of Awdal Region
  3. Nur Qasim Qodah – Deputy Governor of Saraar Region


  1. Mohamud Sheikh Abdullahi Egeh – Minister of Posts and Communications
  2. Ahmed Nur Fahiye – Minister of State for Aviation
  3. Hasan Dahir Dhimbil – Deputy Minister of Health
  4. Farhan Hasan Abdi – Governor of Dadmadeedh Region
  5. Ibrahim Jama Mohamed – Deputy Governor of Saraar Region
  6. Mohamed Ali Adan – Director General of Ministry Research, Technology, and Parliamentary Affairs.

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