In a major realignment of the administration 10 members of the cabinet and three foreign representatives have lost their posts while the office of special advisor to the president has been created.

The dismissals and subsequent replacement of senior government officials was revealed through a presidential decree no. JSL/M/XERM/249-4377/122016 released by the presidential press service in Hargeisa.

The reshuffle effected by president Ahmed Mahmud Sillanyo in which a new ministry of Tourism and Culture was created from its former perch as a department at the youth and sports ministry, and also affecting various parastatals the head of state said:


On powers conferred upon my office by article 90 section 2 of the Somaliland constitution and in lieu of the imperatives of apt ministerial performance in public service and having ascertained capabilities and skills I hereby appoint the following citizens to ministerial duties as specified below

  1. Mr Hussein Abdi Boos, Minister of Water Development
  2. Abdirizaq Wabari Roble, Minister of Youth and Sports
  3. Mr, Kadhar Haji Yusuf Abdilahi, Minister of Touyri8sm and Culture
  4. Mohamed Ahmed Obsiye, Minister of Labour and Social Services
  5. Mohamed Ibrahim Adan  (Qabyo-tire),Minister of  Planning and National Coordination
  6. Mahmud Warsame Jama. State minister for Trade and Investment
  7. Mr Mustafa Mahmud Ali Bile, Deputy minister Councils coordination, research and Technology
  8. Mr Ahmed Hashi Abdi, Deputy presidency minister
  9. Mr Guleid Abdi Hasan, Deputy information and national guidance minister
  10. Liban Yusuf Osman, Deputy public works, housing and transport minister
  11. Mustafa Farah Abraar, State minister for Defence
  12. Mr Ali Mahmud Ali Samatar, Deputy posts and Telecommunications minister
  13. Mr Ahmed Hussein Roble  (Axmed Joqor), deputy education minister
  14. Mr Mohamed Sh Omar Hasan , deputy minister tourism and culture
  15. Mr Kadhar Ahmed Diriye, State minister for Justice
  16. Mr Yusuf Ismail Umal  Mudane, (Yucuboole), state minister for finance
  17. Mr Abdiqadir Sh Mahmud Warsame, deputy minister fisheries and coastal development
  18. Mr Ahmed Mahmud Nuur, deputy minister Trade and investment

On the regional administration and upon justifying article 90, section 110 of the Somaliland constitution as source of his authority in addition to having verified upon their ability to undertake public service in the capacity of regional governors, president Sillanyo announced the following appointments

  1. Ahmed Mohamed Alin (Tiimbaro), Governor Maroodi-jeeh (Hargeisa) Region
  2. Abdi Khayre Dirir, Governor Sool Region
  3. Mr Mahmud Ali Sulreiman  (Ramaax), Governor Toghdeer region
  4. Mahmud Ahmed Mohamed, Deputy governor Sool region

Similarly the Somaliland president  and in conformity with Article 90 section 3 K appointed the following to the positions of Director General s (Ministerial and Parastatals  chief operating officers)

  1. Ahmed Abokor Mohamed, DG ministry of information
  2. Mahmud Ismail Elmi (Deeq), DG Civil Service commission
  3. Jama Ahmed Abdirahman, DG Ministry of Justice
  4. Mohamed Elmi Adan (Ilka-case), DG ministry of labour and social services
  5. Elmi Abdirahman Ashur, DG ministry of interior in charge of Administration, Regional administration and local governments
  6. Mohamed Geedi Ainanshe, DG Quality control commission and
  7. Mohamed Adan Hirsi  (Vitamin), DG Anti corruption and good governance commission

On the imperatives of an apt foreign policy implementation the president who attributed powers conferred on his office by article 90, section 3 R of the Somaliland constitution president Sillanyo made the following appointments to the diplomatic corps

  1. Ms Ayan Mohamed Ashur , Representative to the  United Kingdom
  2. Ali Hussein Ismail Jirde  (Ali Shoombe), Representative to Ethiopia
  3. Ambassador Abdifatah Saeed Ahmed Guleid, Representative to Djibouti
  4. Zackaria  Hasan Wais, Representative to Sweden

And in conformity to article 90 section 3 T that empowers him and his office with authority to manage state agencies, President Sillanyo made the following appointments

  1. Mohamed Abdi Ibrahim  (Dhoobaale), Governor Central Bank
  2. Nasir Ay-jeeh , Executive Director Somaliland national aids agency –SOLNAC
  3. Kadhar Mohamed Akule, General Manager Somaliland national TV
  4. Mohamed Ali Elmi  (Daarood), Manager Hargeisa water agency
  5. Mohamed Abdirahman Libaan, deputy manager state printing agency and
  6. Ahmed Daud Geedi, Accountant General

In addition to the re-establishment of the ministry of tourism and culture formerly a department under the ministry of youth and sports and in adherence to article 90 of the Somaliland constitution the Somaliland head of state created the new office of special advisor while appointing others to join his pool of advisors on various issues i.e

  1. Mohamed Ali Waran’ade, Special presidential advisor
  2. Abib Ahmed Ali, presidential Advisor  on minerals  and
  3. Abdilahi Haji Jama Ali , presidential advisor on Centrals bank

 Ladies and gentlemen

Finally upon thanking outgoing senior administration officials for their serviced to the public president Sillanyo announced that he has relieved off duties the following

  1. Bashe Ali Jama outgoing Minister of Water Development
  2. Abdilahi Farah   Maydhane,  minister of youth and sports
  3. Omar Sh Mohamed Farah  (Cumar Yare),  minister labour and social services
  4. Boos Mire Mohamed ,  state minister Finance
  5. Ahmednuur Aw Abdi Shair , deputy education minister
  6. Ms Shikri Harir , deputy information and national guidance
  7. Abdi Mohamed Hirad, deputy minister pubic works
  8. Saeed Abdi Mahmud , deputy minister trade and investment
  9. Osman Garad Sofe, deputy posts and telecommunications minister
  10. Ms  Rooda Jama Elmi, Representative to Sweden
  11. Mohamed Warsame Ali Egal, Representative to Djibouti
  12. Ambassador Adan Ali Awale, Representative to the United Kingdom
  13. Ibrahim Siyad Yonis, Manager Hargeisa Water agency
  14. Abdi Ali Mahdi, General Manager Somaliland national TV
  15. Abdirashid Hirsi Dalmar Hasan, Deputy Governor Sool Region
  16. Nuradin Mohamed Abdilahi, DG Quality Control Commission
  17. Hasan Adan Geedi, DG Civil Service Commission
  18. Abdirahman Yusuf Ismail, Deputy minister Fisheries and coastal development
  19. Saeed Abdi Mahmud, Deputy minister Trade and investment

In conclusion presidential Sillanyo who urged an expedited office handover, informed that all dictates of his decree number JSL/M/XERM/249-4377/122016 that include   appointments, transfers and relieve of duties take effect immediately, that is as from 3rd December 2016

By Goth Mohamed Goth

Source: Somaliland Press

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