The government of the Republic of Somaliland congratulated Barbados on becoming the newest Republic of the first country in the Caribbean.

In the congratulatory statement, the Somaliland MFA said Somaliland stands ready to support the Commonwealth nation on all matters of mutual interest and global concern.

“The Government of the Republic of Somaliland would like to mark the historic occasion of Barbados’s flowering into the world’s newest republic by wishing its people and leaders well as they embark on their journey of independent statehood. The Somaliland Government stands ready to support this proud Commonwealth nation on all matters of mutual interest and global concern, and congratulates its first president, Dame Sandra Mason, for assuming such great leadership responsibility.” the Somaliland Foreign Ministry said in a Statement


It added that Somaliland will continue to strive for complete sovereignty as a recognized nation.

“The outpouring of jubilation and sense of dignity with which the people of Barbados rightfully inaugurated their independence highlights the fundamental moral weight and legal primacy of self-determination as a foundational principle of the world order. The liberty to determine one’s political status and fate is not only among the most important of international human rights in its own regard but lays the foundation for other cherished rights, such as those to freely pursue one’s economic, social and cultural development. In severing their association with the British Monarchy, the people of Barbados are turning a new page on the legacies of slavery and colonialism, and instead of basking in the glory of long-awaited sovereignty.”  statement

“The Government of Somaliland looks forward to a world where those legitimately seeking self-determination will enjoy the same precious achievement recently accomplished by the people of Barbados. In that vein, Somaliland will continue to strive for complete sovereignty as a recognized nation and hopes that the people of Barbados will serve as an ardent ally in this quest.” Said added

Barbados formally declared itself the world´s newest republic at the stroke of midnight on November 30, as the Caribbean Island nation removed Queen Elizabeth II as head of state in a solemn ceremony Tuesday attended by her son Prince Charles, AFP reported.

Symbolizing the historic handover, the Royal Standard flag representing the queen was lowered during a ceremony inaugurating the current governor-general, Dame Sandra Mason, as the first president of Barbados.

Read below in full Congratulatory message of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation:

Somaliland Sends Congratulatory Cable To Barbados, The World’s Newest Republic

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