Sunday night we premiere “Justice!” on Al Jazeera English, the inside story of the biggest sting in African history — a corruption scandal that has rocked Ghana and burst into headlines around the world.

Watch the trailer here.

Meanwhile, Africa Investigates kicked off this week with “Echoes of Apartheid”, the investigation of an alleged death squad in the South African policeWatch it here.


Next Wednesday, Africa Investigates will continue with “Living in Fear”, Sorious Samura‘s investigation of twelve murdered Muslim clerics in Uganda.

Thanks to our superb team, led by Ron McCullagh and Steve Boulton, for the launch of a stellar fall season for TWI; our partners at Al Jazeera English; and our backers at Omidyar Network.

Stay tuned!

All the best,
Jonathan Ossoff
Managing Director
Insight TWI: The World Investigates

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