The controversial and immigration-critical party Swedish Democrats (SD) is set to be Sweden’s second-largest party after the election in just three weeks. Although SD should end up on the lap, none of the other parties want to cooperate with them. But for Somaliland, Yazidis and Kurds of Iraq and the Jewish state as well as minority Christians worldwide it is good news

In an interview with Nettavisen newspaper Sweden’s Democrats’ former party leader and current group leader in the parliament, Mattias Karlsson divulged planned programs by the party.

In foreign policy Mr Karlsson Said “we shall Recognize Somaliland as an independent state, work for the Kurdish region of Iraq to declare its independence, in order for the Nineveslette in Iraq to become more autonomous and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel”


“The most important thing for us is immigration policy because it affects so many people. We want a temporary suspension of asylum until we have dealt with the problems we face in Sweden, “says Karlsson to Nettavisen.

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Immigration policy

The newspaper has reviewed the party program for the Swedish Democrats. SD has the following suggestions for changes in immigration policy in Sweden:

* Change asylum legislation so that Sweden will only receive asylum seekers from neighboring countries and introduce asylum stops as long as Sweden’s neighboring country is safe.

* Change labor immigration rules so that the Swedish labor market needs become debt, and that employers’ ability to exploit foreign labor to circumvent Swedish working conditions is impossible.

* Sharpen the duty of dependence on family immigration as well as check relatives to prevent exploitation of the system and overload of the welfare system.

* Stress the requirements for becoming a Swedish citizen, including language and social knowledge test, as well as enable recall of citizenship granted on an incorrect basis.

* Combat the shadow community by providing the police with tools and resources to investigate illegally illegal persons, increase the number of custody sites and allow for a longer stay in custody whose expulsion cannot be taken immediately.

Swedish Democrats Pledge Recognition
Around 100 cars were harassed and vandalized by black-dressed and masked youth in several Swedish cities earlier this month.

Crime Policy
Karlsson also draws attention to the fight against crime as one of the most important questions in the Swedish elections. In serious terms, the party wishes stricter penalties and more resources, and increased authority to the police.

“We think it will be mandatory to send out foreign citizens who commit gross offenses in Sweden. Today, only one in five foreign citizens sent out of the country after committing crimes, Karlsson claims.

Furthermore, Karlsson says that SD wants to introduce real-life sentences for, particularly serious crimes.

“It’s about the gross crimes such as killing, coarse sexual offenses, and pedophiles (people who adore children red.anm.). And not least terrorists, he says.

SD also wishes to investigate the possibility of convicted in Sweden to be able to seat the prison sentence abroad.

– This is an opportunity we are looking at. We know that Norway has had prison places in the Netherlands. We want to investigate. If the punishments are to be sharpened, as we wish, we will have a capacity shortage in prisons, he says.

SD’s proposal in the party program for changes in criminal policy is as follows:

* Introduce stricter penalties and especially increase the minimum penalty for repeated and gross crimes, cross-border crime, especially smuggling of weapons and introduce actual life sentences for the particularly dangerous criminals.

* That the state must guarantee compensation for the victim and later claim the amount from the perpetrator.

* Introduce mandatory expulsion of gross criminals and the possibility of revoking citizenship in terrorist acts.

* Open the opportunity to rent prisons in other European countries for lifetime convicts and foreign nationals.

* Make it attractive to become police through a sharp increase in funding for the police, increased wages, and more career opportunities, because high positions in the police require police education and police experience.

* Make it safe to be a police force through an increased emergency law, tighten the penalty for threats to officials and that illegal threats to police should always be considered as a gross crime, make it easier for the police to use surveillance cameras, and investigate the possibility of extended police arrest for temporary deprivation of persons which interferes with calm and order and acts aggressively against the police.

* Give the police increased authority and make it easier to carry service weapons outside of service hours.

* Make the police stronger and vigorously expand the number of police posts and revive the Emergency Police.

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Swedish Democrats Pledge Recognition
The Swedish Democrats party leader Jimmie Åkesson is unable to attend TV4 and SVT’s prime ministers debate because they do not consider him a real prime minister candidate. Photo: Henrik Montgomery TT / NTB scanpix

SD also draws attention to elderly care as an important priority area, among which they want to improve the situation for retirees and residents in retirement homes.

“We are concerned with the situation of poor retirees. There we see that Sweden has more poor retirees than we have ever had. We have a larger share of poor retirees than any of the other Nordic countries, Karlsson claims.

“We want to increase the pension,” he adds.

SD promotes the following suggestions in the party program for actions in the field of elderly care:

* Increase the housing allowance and the guaranteed pension and abolish the pension tax.

* Include mandatory 24-hour crew requirements for those living in elderly homes and winding up the involuntary shared staffing roles, introducing a food reform with minimum requirements for freshly prepared, tasty, and nutritious foods (…).

* Introduce Elderly Care Centers to Improve Care, Create an Emergency Response Track to Improve Care and Elderly Specialist Health Services, Provide Free Shields for Individuals 85 and over and Increase Dental Benefit.

* Give a tax reduction and statutory right to part-time for the elderly who remain in the labor market.

– A bizarre horror propaganda

On a recent measurement, SD reduces an 18.8 percent upturn, which is slightly worse than the average for the past few weeks. If this becomes the final election result, Swedish Democrats will be Sweden’s third-largest party behind the Social Democrats and the Moderates.

– It is difficult to comment on this single measurement. You should also look at Poll of polls if you want a proper impression. I think we have a good chance of competing for the first place, “said Karlsson.

– Do you end up in government after the election?

“It still looks quite dark on that front. The most important thing for us is how much influence we will have on policy.

– What do you think is why so many voters are critical of SD?

“Sweden has been quite left-winged for a long time and is a country where the Social Democrats have been in power for a very long time. It will affect the community. But there are also historical mistakes from the 1990s that many still carry on with. We must work more to strengthen our reputation. There is a bizarre horror propaganda from the other parties which unfortunately certainly affects some people about what they think we mean and stands for, he says.

– Do you have any examples?

– There are many examples. Stefan Löven has said that we are spreading Nazi conspiracy theories. This weekend there was a familiar debater on the left, Alex Schulman, who said that if Swedish Democrats get power, Sweden will reside in Handmaid’s speech, he says.

Karlsson refers to the popular HBO series that deals with a dystopian, American future society where disobedient citizens are punished in a bestial manner.

– How much choice do you think Swedish Democrats will receive during the election?

“If I’m going to guess, I think it will be somewhere between 20 and 25 percent.

– Do you think you get government power in the election in four years?

– I really think so. I think we take a big leap on this election and sit in government at the next election.

Foreign, defense, EU, and Nordic cooperation

The newspaper has also reviewed Swedish Democrats’ more or less concrete plans and changes they wish to introduce in the field of foreign policy, defense policy, EU policy and Nordic cooperation.

Foreign Policy:

* Support persecuted, secular, Christian, and other minorities and recognize the genocide of the Ottoman Empire and the genocide committed by the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria.

* Recognize Somaliland as an independent state, work for the Kurdish region of Iraq to declare its independence, in order for the Nineveslette in Iraq to become more autonomous and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

* Simplify and promote international trade.

* Develop a long-term strategy to promote human rights in Russia.


* Increase the defense budget to 2.5 percent of the gross domestic product and increase the number of dependents.

* Ensure the activities of NGOs through a separate foundation grant and complement the Ministry of Human Resource and Local Defense with civil service in rescue and rescue personnel.

* Obtain a modern strategic air defense based on Swedish radar technology, such as ASTER.

* Expand the military’s ability to assist the police with, for example, creeping efforts on particularly difficult word problems and the protection and monitoring of certain police equipment, vehicles and facilities.

European Union (EU):

* Resume a new referendum on EU membership.

* Fight against the high EU fee and carry out a radical redevelopment of the EU budget.

* Secure a permanent Swedish no to the euro and the banking union to protect Swedish taxpayers from being forced to finance collapsing European banks.

* Fighting beings and European trafficking in human beings.

Nordic cooperation:

* Work for a common Nordic external border defense, enhanced Nordic cooperation against radicalization, terrorism, terrorist travel and improved Nordic defense and security cooperation.

* Strengthen efforts to protect and demonstrate Nordic culture in Nordic schools and enhance and strengthen Nordic language understanding.

* Try to harmonize the Nordic animal welfare legislation so that animal welfare legislation that is significantly worse than the Swedish does not have to be a competitive advantage.
• Create a Nordic legal advice to prevent barriers to entry into the law.

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