By: Aden Deeq

The international communities doesn’t dictate Somaliland on how they should process their elections and they got no right to talk about good governance when we are so aware off the international communities and where they stand when it comes to Somaliland and where all their funds and supports goes.

It’s truly incomprehensible from UK, US, Denmark, Sweden and EU to undermine how we see fit to conduct our elections while they want us to do it as they see it fit. It’s with our own ways that the Republic Of Somaliland was founded having its own culturally based fundamentals that took this country to heights. And its with the same home based political procedures that it will conduct its elections.


The written on behalf of the international communities to Somaliland doesn’t fit to the values that Somaliland stood upon because as a nation we fulfilled all our obligations no matter the small different political views we may not agree internally and what we may be lacking or wrongly doing as a government, but the main thing is we do always put aside our differences for the sake of preserving what is dear to us all ‘Somalilanders’ which is our sovereignty.

The international communities can’t say this delays will harm the confidence of international communities for the parliamentary elections that were set to happen at the same time as the presidential elections.

First let’s be frank about where the confidence lies! The confidence lies with in Somaliland government who doesn’t loose confidence into the so called international communities by proving it with its exemplars way of governance democratically undertaken since its proclamation. And the fact is that Somaliland hasn’t been awarded by all its achievements but always has been undermined by the international communities that always finds annoying that this nation did it all by its own always pushing us and pressuring us to do as they want which isn’t of the interest of this nation and that is why we do things as best seen of our own interests.

The international communities roles has long been not favorable to Somaliland and always been undermined. It’s really deplorable from the international communities to not respect the wills and decisions made by Somaliland while we always swallow and hardly digest all the wrongdoings from the international communities against our sovereignty always putting first Somalia that doesn’t seem to be curable no matter the so many efforts and funds poured in it without complains dealing with it diplomatically. We deserve to be respectfully seen as a nation that handles its country and politics responsibly and should be respected while you “the international communities” aren’t up to their task.

Aden Deeq

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