By: Nasra Dahir Mohamed

Arab-Israel Conflict

The root cause of Arab-Israel conflict didn’t start in 1945 but its extreme from this period, History is learning tool that we can detect from future of the societies as well as the present situation, so when did this conflict started? It will take to go back thousands of years ago, is this conflict based on religion or territory? The answer will be in the coming pages, So in religion perspective the serious of prophets whereas follow, the first prophet send to earth was Adam as well as the father of human, in place of three monotheistic religions (Islam, Christianity and Jewish) so, the second prophet was Noah while his people where erased except view of them, and then prophet after prophet it reaches at time of Abraham.


Further of the prophets, he has two sons one of them was Ismail and Ishaq both of them were prophets, afterward his son of Ismail was born in the Arabian desert a place known as( Mecca ) while other son Ishaq was grow up near or Gaza itself, meantime Ishaq got a son named Jacob and his nick name was ( Israel ) so Jacob has eleventh sons one of them was Yusuf also another prophet , after that time all prophets were coming at the clan of Israel, while the other side no prophets, until their people worship idols plus completely forget the religion of their forefather Abraham.

Up to the end prophet that was send to Israel community came “Jesus “, so this clan use to kill prophets, unbelief them, abuse and torture, although not only in bad side, there were also good believers, that use to worship ALLAH(GOD) alone, but the majority of them were not believers.

The scriptures of Moses and Jesus were said that the last prophet and messenger send to the earth will come, and the Israeli clan were hopping to came in their clan, as usual but this time the last messenger and prophet come in Ismail children known as “Arabs “, this become unbelievable for the Israel community, and were know as they know their kids as Qur’an Says:-

Those to whom we gave the Scripture (Jews and Christians) recognize him: (Muhammad SAW or the Ka’bah at Makkah) as they recognize their sons. But verily, parties of them conceal the truth while they know it – [i.e. the qualities of Muhammad SAW which are written in the Taurat (Torah) and the Injeel (Gospel)].1

So the major conflict started when Prophet Muhammad came from Arab that originate from Ismail, so the conflict among Arab mostly Palestine and Jew is not territorial neither something start in 1948 its deeper than that and based on religion. The Israel clan initiates new hatred among Arab at that time, plus there were a number of wars between the Companion of Prophet Mohamed and Jew who were living Arabian desert such as Medina.

Meanwhile Muslims was defeated by Jewish and then they migrate in European states such as Russia, Germany, England, French etc. But then again they phase new hostility among Jew and the European people, because Israeli’s were very educated and skilled people so they gain a lot of wealth in Europe, that is why Hitler kill many Jew for the reason he was afraid that this people will capture his country and the German citizen will become low class who work for Jewish people. While the European become the second class, that was another problem which Jewish people need to solve,

As a result now the Jewish people become hate group in Europe, they need to get their own state, a country that they can live with safety, they start joining the politics of Britain, and it was Supper power in 1948 and wining group in Second World War in addition to colonizing many Muslim states.

After the decline of Othman empire, they get a chance to ask for British who rule Egypt, Palestine and Jordan to give Palestine as state of Jewish people. In May 1948 the United Nation declared that Palestine is no more Arab state only but also Jewish state, this was when the ongoing conflict between Arab and Israel opened again, after centuries that Jew were absent in Middle East the twenty century regenerating hostility begins another time.

1948 -1949 Arabs in that region rejected the UN partition proposal and they started a war against creation state of Israel. From that year to at the present there is ongoing war in the middle of Arabs and Israel: specially the Palestinians. That war allows Israeli’s to expend their land and hundreds of Palestinian’s become refugees in the rest of the world. Palestine- Israel struggle is unique and a part of oldest conflicts concerning two societies; one of the most violent places, bloody areas after the Second World War.

Arab Israel War in 1948

The reflection of Arab society living that region was to completely reject the proclamation of Jewish people in Palestine: thus Arab Israel war in 1948 started; Massive killing, destroying homes, Mosques, churches, schools and majority properties of Palestinians people, thousands were fled – they become the refugees in neighboring Arab states , like Jordan, Syria, Egypt Yemen and the rest.

At what time war started in 1948 Arab Israeli war on November 29 ,1947 the United Nation Partition plan for Palestine where to divide the land in three parts ; Arab state , Jewish state and special international regime for Jerusalem and Bethlehem . The decision that United Nation takes become unacceptable of Arabs in that region specially Egypt, Jordan along with Syria which have a territorial borders with Palestine, simultaneously they actively take part in that battle , in other hand they welcomed a thousands of refugees run by the invasion of their land . Meanwhile Jewish people were not alone, they are getting support of UK and USA the super powers of the globe which were participating both economically and military.

The result of the war become State of Israel hold on to the area that the UN General Assembly Resolution 181; had recommended for the proposed Jewish state as well as almost 60% of the area of Arab state proposed by the 1948 Partition Plans.

The conflict activated significant demographic change throughout the Middle East. Around 700,000 Palestinian Arabs fled or were let off from the area that became state of Israel and they turn out to be Palestinian refugees. In the three years following the war, about 700,000 Jews immigrated to Israel with many of them having been expelled from their previous countries of residence in the Middle East.

The cold War Effect in Arab Israel Conflict

After the Egyptian Revolution of 1952 and the rise to power of Gamal Abdel Nasser, Egyptian support for Pan-Arabism and the invention of Palestinian land increased the idea of Pan-Arabism.

Nasser was the leader of that revolution, and decided to return the Arab Land, even if reaching that goal would Cause to lose his own self, he would. Thus British Empire were controlled the Zeus cannel and Egypt were view years ago under British colonization; Britain has a great effect in Egypt. Nasser decided to free the Zeus cannel from British companies which were controlled in Zeus and collecting the text, to protect the Egyptian land from Israelis since Israel went to expend their land needs for has a powerful military who are capable defending their land but at that time Egypt didn’t have that power So, Gamal Abdel Nasser tried to make a strong relation with USA toward support Egypt to Build Military capable on the way to defend the Egyptian boundary, But unfortunately the President of USA at that time reject Gamal Abdel Nasser.

After that Nasser convert his policy in USSR the opposite to USA and it’s Alliance , the USSR welcomed the Nasser and they give him Military, economic and educational support to make a Nasser friend for middle east : that help the Egyptian to building military proficient to protect Egypt . But unfortunately on October 1956 the Israeli military with Britain and French attack Egypt and they were destroying the Zeus Cannel. Nasser sends a letter of asking a military support in his friends of Communism USSR.

In 1956 Sinai war actively the communist USSR were given sustenance in Egypt , even though they wouldn’t sent troops but the President of USSR Nikita Khrushchev declared a war on Western and he threats that he would Attack on Paris and London, if England, France and Israel wouldn’t stop the fighting against Egyptian people . These show us how the capitalist and communist had a great effect on Arab Israeli Conflict in addition to international community intervention of this conflict.

However Israel captured Sinai Peninsula on the other hand Egyptian army didn’t give up, but they were taken trainings to get back the loosen land of Sinai. Though Gammel didn’t win to return it but after seventeen years when Anwar Al-Sadat rule Egypt they return Sinai Peninsula from Israeli, Egypt is the only Arab state that gains back their land from Israel.

Two State Solution; Palestine –Israel

nasra-dahir-mohamedThere are numerous conferences in order to make two state solutions unfortunately most of them are not become successful by many explanations; Even through the International Community especially USA and UN try to make a possible solution between Palestinians and Israelis started from 1949 Lausanne conference up to 2014 Kerry led Talks there is a continuous negotiations. From beginning to end there are hot issue that it’s not easy to negotiate approximating; the Territorial lines between Palestine and Israel were very sensitive topic meanwhile, both states were not happy the Boundaries that UN Made, because equally they want Gaza strip and West Bank: From side to side the Israel expend their territory in 1948 in addition to Israel government didn’t allow the Palestinians refugees to return their home land. So we will try discussing the conferences after 1999.

Dani Dayan Israeli political leader, entrepreneur and advocate for the Israeli settlements in the West Bank he said on his interview in Head –to –head “ there is no possible solution between ; Palestinians and Israel but the situation become worst then ever “

By: Nasra Dahir Mohamed

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