By Alex Perala

CENI, the Democratic Republic of Congo’s election commission, has chosen Gemalto to provide the biometric enrollment technology for its next election.

The deal will see Gemalto provide 22,000 mobile voter enrollment kits, with Gemalto’s Coesys Mobile Enrollment stations being deployed at 18,000 enrollment centers across the country. In an effort to update the country’s national register of voters, citizens will be invited to submit their photographs, signatures, and fingerprint profiles.


It’s a big project. Commenting on the contract in a statement, CENI President Corneille Nangaa said his organization “needed a reliable partner to facilitate our ambitious program, which we expect will enroll up to 45 million voters,” adding that Gemalto, with its experience in voter registration projects in Africa and elsewhere, “offered an excellent technical fit, and the ability to react quickly to our requirements.”

Indeed, the latter quality—speed—will be important, with the DRC’s next general elections scheduled to take place this November.

Source: FindBiometrics

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