The Hargeysa International Book Fair 2023 will be in hosted venues around Somaliland from July 22 – 27, 2023. The festival country partner is Morocco and the theme is “Resilience.”

The Hargeysa International Book Fair, first hosted in 2008, has grown to become the biggest literary extravaganza on the Horn of Africa and one of the biggest on the African continent. It has hosted some of the leading writers, journalists, academics, publishers, artists, journalists, and other professionals from dozens of nations in the last decade and a half.

The 16th edition is set to be one of the most ambitious with over fifty book launches, poetry readings and recitals, concerts, panel discussions, and loads more planned. Local artists like painters, sculptors, traditional dancers, musicians, singers, poets, and of course writers will feature in one way or another in over 130 parallel sessions between Berbera and Gebiley, while programs at the Hargeisa Cultural Centre continue. Creative Writing Training, Scriptwriting for film production, and professional photography have been running this week and the one prior to the book fair.


This is an event that has the full support of the state of Somaliland so expect a reception for guests by the President of the republic. The opening ceremony will include participation by among others Vice President Abdirahman Abdallahi Ismail Saylici, the Mayor of Hargeysa City Abdikarim Ahmed Moge, and a keynote by Professor PLO Lumumba.

Visitors can expect including local guests over forty-two international guests coming from New Zealand, UK, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, Uganda, Cameron, France, Bahrein, UAE, USA, The Netherlands, Germany, and the country partner Morocco. These are people in a variety of disciplines from the literary arts to politics, media, and other disciplines.

Some of these will be Dr. Emmanuel Osuteye, Sadia Muse, Rooble Abdi Muse, Farah A Hersi, Abdirahman Y Artan, Dr. Saad A Shire, Rooble Mohammed, Dr. Asmaa Achtaich, Karima Rhanem, Karim Wafa, Abdilahi Omer, Zahra Jibril Amina Farid, Suad Carmiye, Suad Ibrahim, Sadia Muse, Yukunoamlak, Hafsa Omer, Tirsit Yetbarek, Abdifatah Mohamed Abdi, Dr. Amina-Bahja Ekman, Abdulqani Ali Elmi, Michael Walls, Dr Wale Okediran, Muna Ahmed, Hassan Kawa, Abdiaziz Guud Cadde, Dr. Asmaa Achtaich, Idris Elmi, Dr. Edna Aden, Amina Ferid, Nafisa Yuusuf Mohamed, Sahra Abdi Hassan, Abdirahman Ali Omer, Dr. Yohannes Adigeh, Prof Merciel Santos, and Salma Shiekh.

Hargeysa International Book Fair 2023 Starts July 22If you are in Somaliland, your chance to attend one of the most epic cultural extravaganzas in your country is here. Don’t miss it.

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