Eminent scholar professor P.L.O Lumumba has called on the participants of the 2023 Hargeisa International Book Fair to view it as an outreach of Pan-Africanism.

Professor Lumumba recognized Dr. Jama Muse Jama as “the most resilient individual” in the recent past. Lumumba talks about the importance of the gathering as it reminds many things – it can be seen in the context of the Pan-African movement.

This gathering reminds us of many things and it must be seen in the context of the Pan-Africanism movement. It must be seen in that context because for many years other civilizations took the wrong and misguided route that Africa was all, and Africa did not rise. But history teaches us when the Europeans were in the caves, Africans were building world cities.


History teaches us that Socrates and all the famed Greeks philosophers came to the continent of Africa and gathered their wisdom.

Prof. Lumumba “History Has Shown That Those Who Are Resilient Will Ultimately Be Recognized”History teaches us the Romans gathered wisdom from Africa, it’s not wasted that throughout the ages continent of Africa has been attractive to all civilizations.

And because we are celebrating writings and books, who will forget the famous work of South African Desmond pilot tutu who tells us there is no future without forgiveness? Who among you here will forget as we are gathered here from different civilizations.

When we are gathered here in Hargeisa, we are sending a statement to the world, do not bother you are not recognized, because you will be recognized. Because history has shown that those who are resilient will ultimately be recognized.

He stated that the misconception that Africans are an oral society was coined by the continent’s detractors. Professor Lumumba reminisced about African writers from time of immemorial. He confirmed African literacy before colonialism and slavery.

He said, “Africa is a reading continent contrary to our detractors oftentimes say of us.”

Prof. Lumumba “History Has Shown That Those Who Are Resilient Will Ultimately Be Recognized”The scholar mentioned some Pan-African leaders who championed for a united Africa.

Professor P.L.O Lumumba stated that the younger generation will benefit from the Book Fair.

He congratulated President H E Muse Bihi Abdi for facilitating and welcoming the visitors to Hargeisa International Book Fair.

He thanked the president for believing in the cause of one Africa and promised to reverberate the name of Hargeisa across African cities from Cape Town to Banjul.

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