Ilhan Omar is a step closer to becoming the nation’s first Somali-American state lawmaker after winning a three-way DFL primary race Tuesday, ending the career of one of Minnesota’s longest-serving legislators, Phyllis Kahn.

She’s favored to win in the DFL-heavy Minneapolis district in November, when she’ll face Republican rival Abdimalik Askar.

Photojournalist Chris Juhn captured the celebration of Omar and her supporters at Kalsan Restaurant in Minneapolis Tuesday night.


11 Ilhan Omar enters the building where supporters were watching election results. Chris Juhn for MPR News

22 A boy helps his father carry an American flag with pride through the hallway leading to the campaign watch party after the results came out showing Omar had won the Democratic primary. Chris Juhn for MPR News


3 A woman breaks down in tears into another woman’s arms after learning about Omar’s victory. Chris Juhn for MPR News


4 Ilhan Omar walks down the hall ecstatic about her victory over Phyllis Kahn and Mohamud Noor. Chris Juhn for MPR News


5 Ilhan Omar’s husband Ahmed Hirsi and son are lifted into the air by supporters of the campaign. Chris Juhn for MPR News


6 Supporters of Omar take a selfie after hearing the news that Omar had won the nomination. Chris Juhn for MPR News


7 Ilhan Omar’s husband Ahmed Hirsi hugs Minneapolis City Council Member Andrew Johnson as he starts to tear up after learning news of his wife’s victory. Chris Juhn for MPR News


8 Ilhan Omar holds her daughter and hugs a supporter of her campaign. Chris Juhn for MPR News


9 Habiib Farah (center) breaks down in tears over Omar’s victory. Chris Juhn for MPR News


10 Ilhan Omar helps wipe the tears from Habiib Farah’s face. Chris Juhn for MPR News


11 Supporters of Omar’s campaign hold an Oromia Liberation Front flag next to an American flag on stage. Chris Juhn for MPR News


12 Dan Cox, Ilhan Omar’s campaign manager, greets the crowd of supporters after being recognized for his work by Omar. Chris Juhn for MPR News


13 The crowd of supporters watches as Omar speaks and accepts the nomination. Chris Juhn for MPR News


14 Omar addresses the crowd after winning the primary Tuesday night. Chris Juhn for MPR News


15 Ilhan Omar’s daughter speaks to the crowd of supporters, thanking them for voting for her mother. Chris Juhn for MPR News


16 Ilhan Omar gets ready to go back on the mic to talk to the crowd in Somali after speaking in English. Chris Juhn for MPR News


17 Ilhan Omar’s supporters dance in celebration. Chris Juhn for MPR News

Source: Minnesota Public Radio

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