The Somali National Movement (SNM), which has proclaimed an independent state in Northern Somalia as the Republic of Somaliland, is about to announce a new government, the spokesman said Monday.

The SNM took control of Northern Somalia after ousting in January of former president Siyad Barre and proclaimed Somaliland this month. The interim rulers in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, have condemned the declaration and called for its annulment.

SNM spokesman Ahmed Gulaid said Northern Somalia would announce a new government “on Monday or Tuesday” which would be headed by Abdirahman Ahmed Ali.


Ali, 65, has served as Somalia’s ambassador to Germany, Ethiopia, Sudan, and the United Arab Emirates since the country was proclaimed an independent state in 1960.

Abdirahman Ahmed Ali To Head Independent Northern State
Abdirahman Ahmed Ali, also known as ‘Tuur’, is delivering his first speech after being elected as the first president of the Republic of Somaliland on May 18, 1991.

Gulaid, speaking in the Yemeni capital, said the new government would not fully split away from the South. “After stability is restored to Southern Somalia, there will be negotiations for some form of a federal union,” he added.

A provisional Northern parliament based in Hargeisa will approve the new government which will draw up a constitution to be put to a popular referendum within three years, he said.

The SNM has refused to recognize the interim government in Mogadishu formed by United Somali Congress (USC) after its fighters forced Siyad Barre out of the capital following a month-long battle for the city.

The USC government is still fighting other former anti-Siyad Barre rebel factions in the South of the country.

Abdirahman Ahmed Ali To Head Independent Northern StateSiyad Barre somewhere in Somalia with remnants of his army, contends he is still the country’s president.

Gulaid said 10,000 Somali refugees who had fled fighting in Southern Somalia had arrived in Yemen during the last four months.

Original title: Northern Somalia To Announce New Government

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