World traveler Daniel Herszberg visited Somaliland in December 2019.

At the age of 27, Daniel Herszberg is well on the way to being the youngest Australian and one of the youngest people to visit every country in the world, having visited 170 of 197 countries.


Having recently traveled through Afghanistan and camped among some of the world’s most remote tribes in South Sudan, world traveler Daniel is regularly featured as an authority on travel by international media sites and is ranked as being amongst the most well-traveled people in the world under the age of 30. In each destination Daniel visits, he makes a genuine effort to immerse himself in the local culture by building relationships and assimilating into the lifestyle of those who live and breathe the culture.

Daniel has also developed a strong Instagram following focusing on off-the-beaten-path destinations (, with a very engaged and active following on Instagram (31,000+ followers). His recent trip to Somaliland has garnered much attention from Somaliland-based social media users.

Daniel Herszberg is originally from Australia but currently has been living and working in Hong Kong since 2016, a location he says is a strategic geographic position to do more travel.

Online, Daniel shares his quest to visit every country in the world – currently trying to become the youngest Australian to achieve this feat and join the ranks of the handful of people around the globe who have managed to achieve this under the age of 30.

The reward of travel- Some people do things for the reward of being able to say they did it, but Daniel is different.

Visiting every country in the world is something to boast about but it’s not what fuels him. He gains so much more by providing himself these experiences and shares with us what and why. What’s next after visiting every country in the world?

As a born traveler, it clearly doesn’t end there for Daniel. He has a list of plans to check off soon after. Thoughts on visiting “dangerous” countries.

Daniel shares his experiences in countries that are commonly feared in hopes to broaden your perspective on the world.

See below google map where Daniel has been in this world 

You can contact his team via email on

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