A Cardiff man Abdi Egal, 52, from Canton, said his 19-year-old cousin Hakim was kidnapped after trying to get into Europe after leaving his home in Somaliland

A Cardiff man has spoken of his torment after his cousin was kidnapped in Libya by a gang demanding a £10,000 ransom.

Abdi Egal, 52, who moved to the Welsh capital in 1974 from Somaliland, was contacted by his cousin from the country of his birth to tell him her 19-year-old son had been abducted.


It is believed that Abdi’s cousin Hakim Adan was targeted in Libya because he was a vulnerable refugee who visited the country in an attempt to make his way to Europe.

Abdi, who lives in Canton, said: “There are a lot of African Muslims who are trying to get into Europe and my cousin walked from Somaliland to Libya.

A couple of days ago, some people phoned his mother saying they wanted £10,000 to set him free.

She said they wanted £10,000 and she has managed to raise £5,000 so far so she’s trying to do all she can. I only work part-time and I don’t have any money so we are in desperation.

I was crying myself when she told me, I feel helpless because I can’t do anything. We’re very concerned in the family.”

Abdi said his family have nowhere to turn as the UK Government cannot get involved because his cousin is not a British national.

He added it was unlikely the government in Somaliland would be able to help.

He said: “Apparently in Libya this happens regularly and there’s no government in place to do anything about it.

Cardiff Man Appeals For Help After Cousin Is Kidnapped In Libya
Abdi Egal, 52, from Cardiff, is hoping to help his cousin whose son was kidnapped in Libya

“It was all in the mistaken belief he could get into Europe, a lot of people think they can get into Europe but there is no way in.

I have got an idea why he wanted to come to Europe because there is nothing in Somaliland but his mother wants him back and safe absolutely.”

The Foreign Office has advised against all travel to Libya and for British nationals still living in Libya to leave immediately.

A spokesperson said: “Although the Government of National Accord (GNA) is working to restore stability and security to Libya, intense fighting continues in a number of areas and local security situations can quickly deteriorate.

Terrorists are very likely to try to carry out attacks in Libya. There remains a high threat throughout the country of terrorist attacks and kidnap against foreigners, including from Daesh-affiliated extremists and al-Qaeda, as well as armed militias.

Since 2015, Daesh [also known as Islamic State] have attacks a number of oil and gas installations and killed or kidnapped workers, including foreign nationals.

The British Embassy in Tripoli remains temporarily closed, and is unable to provide consular assistance.”

Abdi Egal, 52, from Cardiff, is hoping to help his cousin whose son was kidnapped in Libya

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