Cotecna is authorized by the Ministry of Trade and Tourism to issue Certificates of Conformity (COCs) for regulated products imported into the Republic of Somaliland.

With immediate effect, Cotecna has been mandated to ensure that regulated products exported to the Republic of Somaliland comply with applicable standards. Our mandate consists of undertaking conformity assessment activities and issuing Certificates of Conformity for all regulated products exported to Somaliland. To determine if your product is subject to conformity assessment, please contact your nearest Cotecna office.

The main objective of this Verification of Conformity program is to better protect consumers and importers from substandard, counterfeit, and potentially dangerous goods.


Please note that as of 16th April 2022 each shipment to Somaliland must be accompanied by a Certificate of Conformity.

Somaliland Certification of Conformity Process

To assess the compliance of a shipment, the Verification of Conformity process will follow one of three ways of compliance called “Routes”, depending on the profile of the exporter:

  • Route A for exporters with infrequent shipments or sensitive products.
  • Route B for exporters with regular shipments with non-sensitive homogeneous products.
  • Route C for manufacturers, official distributors, and brand owners with regular and high-volume shipments to the Republic of Somaliland and having a Quality Management System (QMS) applied to their production/manufacturing process.

Certificates Of Conformity For Products Exported To SomalilandConformity Routes

Certificates Of Conformity For Products Exported To SomalilandRELATED DOCUMENTS

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