The first four of eight Liebherr RTG cranes had been received Friday morning by Somaliland’s Berbera Port Authority and unloaded from the United Heavy Lift Future vessel carrying them to DP World Berbera’s New Container Terminal in Somaliland.

The second four RTG cranes will arrive in Somaliland in the early of next year.


The RTG cranes which DP World ordered for Berbera as part of the development and upgrade work in progress at the Red Sea port will be ready to take on the extra activity anticipated after the 400-meter quay and 25ha container yard open for business during the first quarter of 2021.

Somaliland Receives First Liebherr RTG Cranes For Berbera Container Terminal
UHL Future docked at Port of Berbera on Friday morning

The four RTG cranes will join three Liebherr LHM 420 mobile harbor cranes delivered last year.

Features of the new RTG cranes include a gantry camera and laser anti-collision systems as well as the company’s DGPS auto-steering and stack profiling technology. They will also be equipped with the manufacturer’s remote diagnostics and maintenance software, DiaMon3D.

UHL FOCUS at Cork Dockyard Cobh with cargo of Liebherr cranes for Berbera Somaliland on December 19, 2020.

Meanwhile, as Afloat reported on Monday, UHL Focus, the second of two heavy lift vessels has loaded four of eight RTG cranes in the Port of Cork for discharge in Berbera, Somaliland.

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As reported earlier, the heavy-lift operations have been ongoing at Cork Dockyard in Cork Harbour this month when the first shipment which has been received on Friday by Somaliland port of Berbera, was loaded on to UHL Future,

This week’s second sister ship arrival will load the other half of the Liebherr cargo. The vessel, a General Cargo Ship was built in 2019 and is sailing under the flag of Madeira.

The consignment for Somaliland arrived at the Cork Docks in October 2020.

Somaliland Receives First Liebherr RTG Cranes For Berbera Container Terminal
UHL Future docked at Port of Berbera on Friday morning

Once completed, Berbera port will be a major player in the regional and continental trade movement and economy, especially in the Horn and Eastern Africa countries.

The pace of development work that DP World carries out at the port appears to have balked Djibouti to a degree that its President Ismail Omar Guelleh has often scoffed at the input made even denying that there were any.

It is not clear yet whether the guided tour the government of Djibouti has given the President of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi, who currently on an official visit there, on its ports on Friday, signals a change of heart on the part of Guelleh who accepts the reality of Berbera or another ploy to try jinx its progress.

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