– TukTuk Driver realized a woman had left a huge amount of money in his TukTuk and began looking for her

– The money belonged to one of his passengers, a sick mother he dropped off at a hospital together with her son

– Guled Ibrahim got to the hospital and found she had already left after crying about her situation

A young TukTuk driver has been celebrated for his honesty after returning US$ 7400 to a sick woman who misplaced it in his ride.

Guled Ibrahim had dropped off a mother and son at a hospital in Jigjija, Ethiopia, where they had gone to seek medical attention.


According to Mustafa Omer, deputy chief of the Somali Regional State in Ethiopia – who shared the story on Facebook, the mother realized later that she did not have the bag that contained the cash.

Having sold her livestock to raise the money for her and the son’s medical bills, the devastated woman cried out for hours but later left the hospital.

The TukTuk driver realized later that the woman he dropped off forgot her money in the TukTuk and rushed to the hospital in search of the sick mother.

“Soon phone calls were made and the mother was found; she was brought to the hospital and the money was returned to her. She cried again: this time in joy,” Mustafa wrote.

The deputy chief said such an uplifting story showing humanity and decency should be celebrated and rewarded amidst all the negative news.

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According to Ethiopians Today, Mustafa invited the two to his office and thanked Guled and his family, adding his actions were a testament to the good name of the region.

The young driver, who reportedly dropped out of university to support his family, said his actions were a result of his good family upbringing.

The government vowed to support Guled complete his education and hopefully be able to create jobs in the future.

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