Kamaradaha Ammaanka ee Madaarka Muqdisho ayaa fashiliyey Qaabkii Laptop-kii lagu qarxiyay Diyaaradda Daallo Airlines uga gudbay goobaha Baadhista Ammaanka ee Madaarka Muqdisho.

Ammaanka Madaarka Muqdisho  Oo aan laysku halayn karinIyadoo uu muujiyay Muuqaalkaasi in Xubno ka mid ah Shaqaalaha Ammaanka Ee Madaarku ka qayb-qaateen gudbinta Laptop-kaasi ku galay diyaaradda, kaas oo aan la marin goobihii baadhista, waxaanay taasi daliil cad u tahay khatar ammaan ee Madaarka Muqdisho oo ah mid laysku halayn karin. Muuqaalkan waxa laga sii daayay Telefiishanka Dawladda Federaalka Somalia ee SNTV

Explosives hidden inside a laptop blew a hole in the jet’s fuselage shortly after take off from Somalia’s capital Mogadishu, forcing it to make an emergency landing, investigators said.

The country’s Aviation Minister Ali Ahmed Jama said: ‘Experts have confirmed the explosion that occurred inside the Daallo Airlines [jet] was not a technical problem but was a bomb that was intended to destroy the plane and kill all passengers onboard’. 
While no claims of responsibility for the attack have been made, experts have named Islamic extremists Al-Shabaab as the most likely culprits.
The militant group have been behind some of the worst violent attacks in Somalia in recent years.  
Survivor Hassan Mohamed Nur said the cabin went black and filled with thick smoke as passengers screamed in terror.  
Mr Nur said the passenger, an elderly man, caught fire before he was sucked from his seat and out of the Airbus A321. 
Source: The Mirror 



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