Somaliland has scored second diplomatic victory within two weeks’ time as the government of Taiwan and Somaliland have reached an agreement of establishing diplomatic relationship between the government of Taiwan and Somaliland.

The two countries decided recognizing each other diplomatically. Taken above into account, Somaliland has already appointed diplomatic representative in Taiwan on ambassador level.


Speaking the new relationship between the countries, Taiwanese president said, the China pressure will not stop us to establish diplomatic relationships with other countries like Somaliland.

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In this new diplomatic relationship, the government of Taiwan and Somaliland become strategic partners.

Somaliland and the government of Taiwan fresh relationship cause anger to China that already put their political weight behind Somaliland strategic enemy, villa Somalia.

China extended close cooperation with Somaliland strategic enemy and as a result their anger will not make any impact to Somaliland. It is true the enemy of your enemy is your friend. This is breaking news is published and broadcasted in world in world news headlines.

In this diplomatic recognition, Somaliland has broken another bearer with regard foreign relationship. No wonder to see another diplomatic victory for Somaliland shortly.

Credit goes to Somaliland leadership that worked this heartfelt news which pleased the hearts and minds of Somaliland people collectively.

According to neutral observers, China and dollar trade with dollar policy to win new friends.

Ismail Lugweyne

Hargeisa, Somaliland

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