Somaliland Ambassador to Uganda, Hamse Haji Dool said it’s high time, that the international community recognized Somaliland as an independent state to allow them to deal with their problems effectively.

“We need to strongly unite for the welfare of our nation, peaceful coexistence and defense in a united voice as one wherever we are in the world,” Dool said.


He praised what he called a flourishing relationship with Uganda that has allowed them to settle in peacefully. Majority of Somalis from Somaliland living in Uganda are students studying from different institutions. Others are businessmen who have lived in Uganda for a long time including others who were born here. Somaliland, which is located in the Horn of Africa; celebrates two independence days in a year – one in May and the other in June (18 May and June 26).

They gained their independence from the British protectorate of North Ireland on June 26, 1960, but were later amalgamated with neighboring Somalia. However, after the fall of the long-time dictator, Siyad Barre that saw Somalia plunge into a long civil war that persists to this day, in 1991 Somaliland broke away unliterary declaring independence on May 18.

“Due to various political and social issues the fruits of the reunion didn’t turn out positively, people of Somaliland suffered systematic discrimination, injustice, characterized with massive killings. We couldn’t continue with the marriage,” Ambassador Hamse said.

He adds that the position to dissolve the reunion and regain their independence, 27 years ago has seen unprecedented levels of improvement in peace and stability, private sector development, human rights infrastructure development among others.

The ultimate objective for the past 27 years of the sparsely populated nation of four million people has been getting international recognition and Amb. Hemsi says it will remain so until they acquire it.

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