Somaliland is the second country in Africa that recognized Taiwan after Swaziland. The first Arab-Muslim country that recognized Taiwan.

The new diplomatic relationship between Somaliland and Taiwan is breaking news all over the world. This is hotspot news in world international news coverage. It was published in world news headlines. This is made Somaliland political player in international politics.


Middle of this week, Somaliland and Taiwan decided establish diplomatic representatives between Somaliland and the government of Taiwan as a result, the two countries already appointed diplomatic representatives in ambassadorial level.

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This new diplomatic relationship made great worry and concern to China and villa Somalia.

Somaliland has taken successful diplomatic campaign over the last two years and as many more countries are interesting establishing close ties with Somaliland.

Somaliland strategic location which is the gate of Africa and Middle East made Somaliland key player in international affairs. Somaliland maritime water adjacent to one the world busiest oil routes.

Every day, almost 6 million barrels of oil is shipped pass through near Somaliland maritime water.  This strategic location is valuable asset for Somaliland which can’t be estimated in terms of money.

Chinese diplomats requested Somaliland to cut the new relationship Somaliland established with Taiwan, but Somaliland has turned down this illogic request. Instead, Somaliland informed the Chinese diplomats that Somaliland and Taiwan are two independent countries which mean two sovereign nations.

Somaliland told China that their request has no legal validity which mean, the Chinese request is flatly rejected.

The new boiling environment in the Horn of Africa is in favor of Somaliland in the expanse of villa Somalia which has no sovereignty at all. Villa Somalia leadership cannot even step in the streets of Somali capital, Mogadishu let alone outside the capital city.

Somaliland is the only peaceful democratic country in the Horn of Africa if not the whole Africa.

Zooming up, the cooperation between villa Somalia leadership and China to block the diplomatic relationship between Somaliland and Taiwan is nothing but a dead dream and impossible mission.

Ismail Lugweyne


First Arab-Muslim Country Recognizes

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