Somaliland Ep. 2 | You’re Going Where? Travel Series | Horn of Africa | Full Documentary HD

This is a full episode of Part Two of the “You’re Going Where?” travel doc series chronicling the Horn of Africa. After spending a fantastic month traveling and exploring Djibouti in early 2017, I cross over to the Republic of Somaliland. Refusing to take breaks, I embark on a journey of more than 2,000 km, meeting the locals and visiting beautiful sights. Enjoy!


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You’re Going Where?’ is an inspiring travel documentary series by Mohammed Ibrahim Shire, highlighting epic landscapes and unforgettable cultures, to the often trying times that come with visiting unknown and often misunderstood destinations. ‘You’re Going Where’ chronicles the positive side of regions and cultures unknown to the rest of the world. Africa has a familiar outward narrative when it comes to non-Africans, a narrative of poverty, famine, war, and corruption. It’s an unjustified image that has unfortunately overshadowed the beauty of this continent, its epic landscapes, long history, and vibrant cultures. This documentary aims to counteract the negative image by showcasing the Africa you rarely see. The first series will highlight the cultures, sites, landscapes of the Horn of Africa, never captured before.


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