It is my understanding that Somaliland receives around five hundred tourists a year. We were three. But within a single day, street assaults over tattoos meant we were two. Then one.

Naturally, it was an extremely difficult place to film. I did my best with what I could.


That said, I had a unique and life-affirming visit and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Wonderful Somaliland people helped me get this footage without asking for a single thing in return, and showed me kindness that one usually reserves for family. We met hundreds of educated, friendly, progressive humans, many of whom are international leaders their field. Everywhere is a spectrum, and in Somaliland we saw it all. Their work and their desire for freedom deserves recognition well beyond what it has received. A massive thanks to everyone who welcomed us and helped me film without disruption. You quite literally made this season possible.

As this is the first real video I’ve filmed entirely by myself, and among Kata’s first edits, we’re both pretty nervous. It’s a sensitive topic. But she did a triathlon this morning and did her best ever, so I feel that’s a good omen. As she always reads this stuff religiously, I’m gonna sneak a note to her in here: Congrats Kata! You’re the fastest person of all the people.

Thanks for watching, all. Somaliland was a wild week for us. Hope you like what it produced.

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Thanks for watching! You’re clearly one of the good ones.

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