A picture of the Kenya delegation that accompanied President Uhuru Kenyatta to the meeting with President Donald Trump has gone viral for the wrong reasons.

The photo taken in the White House captures President Kenyatta addressing US business executives.


The Kenyan delegation included Cabinet Secretaries Monica Juma (Foreign Affairs), Henry Rotich (National Treasury) and Kenyan ambassador to the US Robinson Githae.

In the photo, the Kenyan team just sat and starred at their US counterparts, with half-empty cups of tea assembled before them. Some also looked mesmerized with what was happening. Only two were taking notes

Their US counterparts on the other hand appeared more engaged in the meeting, taking notes on their writing pads.

In the meeting, President Kenyatta assured the business executives of his administration’s commitment to remove hurdles that could impede their operations in Westgate Mall siege in Nairobi, Kenya, in 2013. In recent weeks, they have carried out a spate of attacks in Kenya.

Here is how Kenyans reacted to the photograph.

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