Sweden and Switzerland have offered to help Somaliland build their economic capacity as the country continues its push for international recognition.

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In separate meetings with officials of the two countries recently, Somaliland envoy to Kenya Bashe Omar says Sweden and Switzerland will explore the economic opportunities in the country and help in harnessing and building on those opportunities to improve the status of the country.

“I met the ambassador of Switzerland to East Africa (Dr. Ralf Heckner) and he was very impressed at how resilient Somalilanders are in the face of lack of international recognition and offered to push his country to work with us on how to improve our economy for the betterment of our people,” Bashe said.

Bashe who was accompanied in this meeting with Somaliland managing director of Civil Aviation and Airports Authority Abdi Mohammed Rodol said they also discussed how Somaliland and Swiss government can strengthen their partnership on other areas of mutual interest and other strategic issues.

“Somaliland has so much to offer to the world and we invite the Swiss investors to venture into our country,” Bashe added.

In the meeting with the Swedish Peace and Reconciliation advisor Johan Svensson at the Sweden embassy in Nairobi, discussions on the forthcoming parliamentary elections took place.

Bashe and Svensson also discussed how Sweden can assist developmental projects in Somaliland.

Somaliland has been reaching out to the rest of the world to work with them in rebuilding the country. It is also encouraging investors to the country that is yet to be recognized 29 years after it parted ways with unstable Somalia.

By Odindo Ayieko

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