Somaliland Parliamentary and Local councils elections slated for 12th December 2019 shall not go on as slated.

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This was revealed by the chairperson of Guurti Somaliland’s upper chamber of parliament Elder Suleiman Mahmud Adan following a meeting with the National Elections Commission-NEC 
In a post NEC meeting Briefing to the press, Elder Suleiman said, ‘though the elections were planned for December 12th this year differences between political parties and the presidency making it untenable’
The parliamentary elections now over decade due have seen several postponements for one reason or another over the years the latest being earlier this year when they were shifted from March to December
The current stalemate is courtesy of differences between the presidency and Opposition political party Wadani which wants the current NEC commission disbanded due to alleged mishandling of the November 2017 presidential elections
Acknowledging that a dispute exists between the executive and political parties as to the disbanding of NEC another poignant issue is the proportional distribution of seats regionally of which some parts of the country claim, rightly, that they are under-represented.

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In his briefing NEC chairperson commissioner Abdiqadir Iman said that the Meeting with Guurti elders was geared towards updating the House of prevalent status that mitigates against the proper conduct of Parliamentary elections in Somaliland

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