A New Video: Why America Loves Somaliland By Fredo Rockwell

US Senator Chris Van Hollen says he is “all in” when it comes to US-Somaliland relations. Lots of other important people in Washington feel similarly.

But what does America’s foreign policy establishment see in diplomatic ties with an unrecognized country in Africa most Americans have never heard of?


And other than geopolitics, why should Americans see their own history and values reflected back at them when they hear about Somaliland?


US senator staffers support Somaliland engagement 00:00

A brief history of Somaliland 03:40

Somaliland and Taiwan relations 05:37

Debt Trap Diplomacy in Africa 06:58

Somaliland’s geopolitical importance 10:40

Somaliland’s democratic values 12:15

Similarities in Somalilander and American culture 13:30

What viewers can do 16:23

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