President urged Taiwan scholarship awardees not to fail their country and the high expectations it has of them.

The President of the Republic of Somaliland H.E Muse Bihi Abdi on Sunday hosted a farewell ceremony to 33 students who won Taiwan Scholarships for 2021.

President Bihi urged the scholarship awardees not to fail their country and the high expectations it has of them.


“I strongly advise making optimum use of the chance you have been given. I expect that you will successfully complete your studies in order to import knowledge, know-how, and a culture commensurate with the development aspirations of your homeland,” the President stated.

Somaliland President Bids Goodbye To Taiwan Scholarships AwardeesPresident Bihi delighted the partial scholarship awardees by underwriting their ticket fares to Taiwan.

In his speech, Taiwan Representative to Somaliland, Ambassador Allen Chenhwa Lou, has stressed the prospect of Taiwan-Somaliland Educational Cooperation, and talked about in-depth the flourishing Taiwan-Somaliland ties.

Somaliland President Bids Goodbye To Taiwan Scholarships AwardeesLou emphasized the significance of the scholarships awarded to Somaliland students and urged them to benefit from the chances.

The retired veteran journalist by the name of Ahmed Saed Egge, who spoke on behalf of the parents whose sons and daughters have won the scholarships, has thanked the Taiwan government for offering the scholarships.

He called on the students to exploit the educational scholarships provided to them without paying tuition.

He hoped that all the entrants present could overcome challenges, study diligently, master skills and knowledge and contribute to social and economic development in Somaliland after coming back.

Somaliland President Bids Goodbye To Taiwan Scholarships AwardeesAbdirahman Hussein Muse, who spoke on behalf of the students that have won the Taiwan scholarships, has hailed the offer, but he reiterated that they are determined to benefit from the educational opportunity that has been offered to them.

In their remarks, FM as well as the minister of education, have stressed that the students should serve as the ambassadors of their nation.

Somaliland President Bids Goodbye To Taiwan Scholarships AwardeesParents who attended the reception amply expressed their feeling to the President, his government, and the Taiwanese government for the opportunities given to the students.

The scholarship beneficiaries are going to universities in Taipei, Taichung, Pingtung, Hualien, Kaohsiung, and Tainan cities on courses ranging from Bachelor’s to Ph.D.

Present at the ceremony were the Ministers of Education and Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Mohamed Deria and Dr. Essa Keyd Mohamoud, respectively, the Chairman of the Higher Education Council, Dr. Suleman Dirir, the Taiwan Ambassador to Somaliland, Allen C Lou, and the Somaliland Ambassador to Taipei, Dr. Mohamed Hagi.

Back in July, the Taiwanese Representative office announced that 20 students have won specialization scholarships, publishing the names and fields.

Since then, apparently, as has been posted on the Somaliland Presidency’s Facebook page, today, the number climbed to 33 including some on partial scholarships.

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