‘Sex Tourists’ In Somalia, poverty is forcing women into sexual exploitation as men from the country who’ve emigrated to the west return to take advantage of them. Many of the women are refugees who are lured by the offer of a better life abroad.

They often go through a fake wedding ceremony. The women are later abandoned as the men return to their families in the West. It’s a practice known as vacation marriage. Jamal Osman has been to Nairobi, where he put together this exclusive report. He was assisted by Nick and Deka Hassan.


Jamal Osman Reporter

Jamal Osman is a reporter for Channel 4 News.

Jamal Osman is a multi-award winning journalist and filmmaker specializing in sub-Saharan Africa. He has been working with ITN/Channel 4 News since 2008. Jamal has scooped interviews with Somali pirates, the al-Qaeda-linked Islamist group, Al-Shabaab, exposed the illegal trade in UN food aid and told the struggles of Somali athletes training for the Olympics.

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